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You couldn’t call the Xcover 4 pretty if your life depended on it – every design decision on this phone simply screams “function over form”. Visually, this is a classic Samsung but with a couple of necessary changes due to its form factor, such as the all-plastic back and the three physical buttons on the front.

This, however, quickly proves itself to be a quite nice little package: the grippy outer shell feels amazingly comfortable in the hand while also doing its job quite well. And somewhat surprisingly, the Xcover 4 carries a US military MIL-STD-810G rating, which means it’s resistant to extreme environmental conditions: these include water, dust, shocks, low and high pressure, and extreme temperatures.

The display is nothing to write home about with its 720 x 1280 PX resolution spread across a 5-inch screen, but is, on the other hand, more than bright enough for outdoor use. However, the auto brightness rarely works particularly well in certain conditions, so you might be better off disabling it if it doesn’t feel particularly good for you too.

So the big question that remains is: whom is this phone designed for? Essentially, it’s people who need a basic device that can withstand a ton of abuse – a tiny niche, but apparently still large enough for Samsung to want to fill it every other year.

And for what it is – an entry-level device with rugged exterior – the Xcover 4 is amazing: it’s comfortable to hold, sturdy, and thanks to the progress of Android, entirely usable even with its weak specs. So if you’re the target audience for such a phone, it may well be worth the experience you’re getting in return.

5.0″ Screen
Android Nougat
Micro SD Card slot, up to 256GB
16GB Internal storage
Primary Camera: 13MP
Secondary Camera: 5MP
Talk time, up to 17 Hrs

Height: 146.2 mm
Width: 73.3 mm
Depth: 9.7 mm
Weight: 172 g


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Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4

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