Galaxy A5


Design and display
Like the 2016 version of the Samsung Galaxy A5, this phone is made of metal and glass. The front and back are glass, the side’s aluminium with a colour-matched finish.

Its glass is Gorilla Glass 4 rather than Gorilla Glass 5. It’s very tough, but where version five is designed to handle drops from shoulder height, version four is tested at 1 meter, or roughly waist height.

Like the iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is of a size just about anyone should be able to get on with. It’s not a pocket-stretcher like most 5.5-inch phones, and the soft keys aren’t tricky to reach.

If you’re not switching from another Samsung phone, you may find the position of the soft keys takes some getting used to, though. The Samsung Galaxy A5 has separate light-up soft keys below the screen, but they’re flipped around: ‘back’ on the right, ‘recent apps’ on the left. This placement makes sense given that most people are right-handed and most use the back button more, but does take a day or two to feel right.

The neatest part of the Samsung Galaxy A5’s screen is its always-on display. When the phone is in standby, it shows the time, battery level, date and some little icons letting you know what sort of notifications you’ve received.

Alternatively, it can show the calendar, or one of a few specially-chosen images. You can also turn the feature off if you find it annoying.


The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is either a near-perfect mid-range phone or a pretty expensive one depending on how obsessed you are with getting the most for your money.

Everything on the outside of the Samsung Galaxy A5 fits perfectly with the price. It’s well-made, all metal and glass without as much as a square inch of plastic to cheapen the feel.

It feels great in use too. While not the fastest phone around in the way the software moves, it’s not slow or laggy either. The camera also has the zippy feel we’ve come to expect from Samsung’s more expensive mobiles.

5.2″ Screen
Android Marshmallow
Micro SD Card slot, up to 256GB
16MP Primary & Secondary Cameras
Fingerprint scanner
Talk time, up to 16 HRs

Height: 146.1 mm
Width: 71.4 mm
Depth: 7.9 mm
Weight: 157 g


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Samsung Galaxy A5

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