A Card that makes mobile Book-keeping a breeze 

Sick of wasting weekends or evenings on collating old receipts?  Save your precious time on doing expenses with the new Pleo card…

The new Pleo card makes keeping on top of your finances incredibly easy.

If you’re anything like me… as a small business owner, I used to literally “WASTE”  days and days doing my Tax Returns every year.

I’d be busy working over Christmas, writing up all my old receipts for the year, in order to do my end of year Accounts.

Weekends, late in the evening… going through box after box of old receipts.  Writing up the “Who, What and Why” of all my spending for my small Business. Unfortuntely usually as I was doing 9-12 months later (than the spend) so it was hard to remember and piece it all together.  Sheeesh!

Keeping the HMRC happy was certainly the most tedious bit and felt the most non productive bit – of running a business. I can honestly say if there was ever one thing that put me off running my own small business – it was this.



Nightmare  – right?

Well not anymore. Thanks to the awesome Pleo Card

This amazing “Smart Card” does all your Expense Reporting for you!

Simply take photos of receipts – then throw them away.  This handy App allows you to manage all your spending and categorizes them for you too!

Pleo is a company payment card solution that automates expense reports and simplifies company spending.

If you hate Bookkeeping you’ll love Pleo

Learn more here  >>

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