Network Like a Pro

Want to improve your networking skills?

As business owners, we’re often subject to an endless amount of networking events and parties– but what’s the best way to make the most out of them?

For those of us who aren’t naturals at making new contacts, take a look at the list of tips that we’ve compiled with the help of America’s Number 1 success coach – Jack Canfield!


Our top 3 Networking Tips:

1. The 3-step approach

Jack shared with us an amazing method of how to actually gain useful contacts.

A three-step approach; visibility, credibility, and profitability.

Visibility: When someone asks you what you do, don’t answer with the typical “Well, I sell mobile phones. Here’s my card, call me!”

Instead, let someone else tell you about their project and ask them how you can help!

Credibility: When you actually follow through and help them out, you then have the credibility as someone who can stick to their word, leading you onto the final stage…

Profitability: You can then go and ask that person, “Hey, do you know anyone that needs any mobile phones?”, and they’ll be more than willing to help you out and recommend you well.

And then… start earning profits!

2. Body language

When you’re sitting, or even standing, with someone at an event – never place yourself directly face to face with them.

There’s no room for anyone else to join into the conversation!

If you leave a nice, angled, open space, you can easily bring someone else in to talk, expanding your network in the process.

3. Act like it’s your party

If you’re feeling shy or uncomfortable at an event, just act like it’s your own party!

When you host your own party at your own home, you’d casually walk in, say hi to everyone – no issue! So, all you have to do is attempt to replicate that mentality at business networking events.

Or likewise, stand by the door.

When people come inside, introduce yourself, ask what business they’re in, and start a conversation. As you talk, usher them into the room and repeat with the next person that enters!

Now, you’re really feeling like a host!


Have you got any of your own networking tips to share with us?



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