Moving From An Android to iOS

Moving from one operating system to the next can be daunting, we have two solutions to help make that change simpler.

If you want to move from an Android to an Apple device and keep all your data, then look no further.

We know it can be a real pain to move from one operating system to the next, whether that is from an Apple device to an Android or vice versa.

We will focus on transferring your contacts, photos and any other information you want to keep when moving from an Android to an Apple device.

There are two options for you when changing operating system, these are:

  • Downloading an app called ‘Move to iOS’
  • Using Google Drive


Transferring Your Data – ‘Move To iOS’

To use an app to transfer your data, you need to go into your Google Play Store on your Android device and download the app called ‘Move to iOS’.

From the app, you will be given a code – this code with be between 6-10 digits.

Once you start-up your new iPhone, you will be asked “Where do you want to restore from?”, from that option you then choose Android and type in the code you were given – Simple right?

Using this app, you have the ability to choose what information and data you want to take with you onto your new device.

This is a very smooth and efficient method of transferring your data, and one that will definitely help with your switchover.




Transferring With Google Drive

Alternatively, you can use the app called Google Drive to move your data over from your Android device to your new iPhone.

Google Drive is usually already built into Android devices so you shouldn’t have to download it, however if you do need to then the same process applies – go to your Google Play Store and download the app.

Once you have the app up and running, you will need to select the option of ‘Back up device’ on Google Drive.

Doing this stores all your photos and information you want to keep in the Google Cloud ready to be accessed wherever you like.

Next, you will need to start up your iPhone – this means completing all the steps on the start-up.

Once you have your iCloud account created and ready, go into the App Store on your iPhone and download Google Drive.

Login to your Gmail account and simply Restore on your device. This will then automatically restore all the information you backed up on your Android Device.


Follow either of these processes and make the switchover from Android to an Apple device quick and simple.

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