Keyless entry to your Car – via your Mobile phone.

Now you can access and start your car with your cellular phone. Checkout the Video of the latest mobile Bluetooth technology…

Soon your smartphone will take on yet another task!

Yes it can be your new Car key!

What-the-what ???   – I hear you say!

Those clever boffins at Continental smart access are working hard to provide hands-free access and start based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

So how does it work?

I’m glad you asked…

Well, a virtual key is stored in the drivers smartphone and the new Hi-Tech “Smart Access” technology offers the user secure access by transmitting this information from the smart phone to the car…. which recognizes the valid key!

This inturn will unlock the car doors upon your approach.

So, no more dropping your shopping fiddling with car keys!

Ain’t the future grand!

…Remember, you heard it here first  😉





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