iPhone Launch – 3 new Game changing iPhones

Well it was certainly a busy day for Apple today. We have 3 x new iPhones and with new Apple watches, there was so much going on… Read our live review as it happened…

Wow!   …what an Apple Launch it was, so let’s go ahead and do a quick recap of the iPhone Launch event —  and everything you need to know about these new devices.

First off was the Apple Watch!

So this is a device that they’re very proud of. They worked very hard to redesign every little piece of it every little detail.

They’ve reworked everything and there is so much here.

First off the design is now much more rounded the screen curves with the actual chassis the back has a redesigned heart rate sensor with an electrocardiogram.

Now the actual digital crown is a taptic version,  it’s a solid-state button. And everywhere you look on this watch you’re gonna notice a little changes, little details and we’ll break it all down for you now…

So let’s start with those displays

Apple has brought the display to the very edge so the bezels have been reduced it’s the same size of the actual physical watch just the screens have been increased.

It’s now a 40 millimeter and a 44 millimeter — the 40 is 35% smaller and the 44 is 32% larger than the previous 42 millimeter.

While it’s not as big as we thought, but its still a considerable difference and this means there’s so much more room for watch faces for whatever you’re doing.

Many of the applications have been reworked to take advantage of this display — and we would expect nothing less.

Now we can see and get so much more information — there’s a ton of new watch faces and new applications to put onto that better display!

There’s a new breather watch face, well several different versions of it and many dynamic watch faces .

They all go to the edge of the display, such as a fire or water or the vapor one – all of which looks quite nice.

Apple’s also upgraded the speakers are now 50% louder.  Plus there’s a new electrocardiogram and the reception is better since the back is now entirely ceramic.

There’s a new processor the s4 is a 64-bit dual core for the first time ever and it’s exactly 2 times as fast as the previous generation.

So that means a lot more as possible also upgraded the accelerometer and gyroscope — so you can get a lot more input information and that means they added a new fall detection feature. Interesting.

What this means is if you fall and you don’t respond it automatically calls emergency services!  — Wowzer

The back has an electrocardiogram, which when you touch the actual digital crown it’ll send pulses through your body and then measure your heart rhythm.  This means it can detect if you have heart beat atrial fibrillation.

This has been FDA approved so this is the first time ever that anyone a consumer can actually measure this.

So that’s kind of amazing!

So in a nutshell:

–  A redesigned Apple watch
–  A larger display
–  Slightly better battery life
–  You’re still gonna get 18 hours of battery life
–   Battery life does get better during outdoor workouts
(it’s up to 6 hours now)

In general, it’s just such a beautiful product.   There are a lot more finishes than we anticipated.  There are three in aluminium, three 3 in a stainless steel  and there’s that new gold stainless colour.

So if you’re waiting to upgrade an old Apple watch, or maybe get one… then now is the time.

iPhone Xs

…all right so moving on to the iPhone. 

The iPhone Xs….and “Yes” just as expected — just as a leaked the iPhone Xs,  it has that new “space bubble wallpaper” look —  it’s gold  and has a new gold colour.

Apple calls it   “…their most beautiful colour ever”

It’s the most advanced iPhone they’ve ever created.

It’s apparently got the most durable glass on an iPhone ever — so that should be interesting to put to test (LOL). Time will tell

Its now also ip68 water-resistant – which means it’s water resistant up to two meters for 30 minutes.

They got a new super Retina display – But don’t let the name fool you, because it’s still the same resolution.

But the difference is that the contrast ratio has gotten 60% greater on the iPhone X — so it is going to be a better picture overall

The iPhone Xs Max

Nest comes the the iPhone Xs’s Max – this is the biggest difference — that’s the 6.5 inch display and that is Huuuuuuuge!

…. it will have the software features when going into horizontal very similar with the iPads.

Which means you’re gonna be able to take greater advantage of films and games.  That display — it’s truly gigantic the biggest iPhone ever!

The speakers have been improved too with a greater dynamic sound and now they said it’s deeper the stereo “white stereo” as they called it.

They did improve face ID, it’s now faster — loads faster and is even more secure than before so that’s gonna be cool.

But it’s not the software differences — that’s actual Hardware differences. The Apple’s brain is the Apple A12 — what a monster six point nine billion transistors – brain it is!

It’s now 15% faster for the high-end course, 40% more efficient and 50% more efficient for the low-end other cores.

It has five trillion transistors compared to 600 million on the Apple A 11

These are huge advancements and because of that chip it’s now possible to have 512 gigabytes of storage

100%  that’s gonna be quite -the upgrade there if you love more space.

Because of that Apple A 12, everything that you do will be impacted

For example:

Apps will load 30% faster –  just because of that chip!

The camera improvements most of them happen because of that chip too.

Now Apple has improved the true tone flash and they have apparently improved the cameras somehow (they didn’t really make it very clear)….but it’s mostly coming from the improvements to the signal imaging processor and the Apple A12 chip and how they all work together.

Basically, they created this thing called “Smart HDR” where every single picture will be over analyzed completely by the chip…

…and it’ll give you the perfect photo every single time.  In particular, when taking pictures against the Sun — you’re gonna get a perfect picture with greater dynamic range just because it’s combining so many aspects & so many photos together to give you the perfect one.

The video gets greatly improved as well.

But before we get into that one – we mentioned the most AWESOME camera focused thing —  so you can actually change if you blur in the background in real time “after” taking the photo!

Say whaaaat?    …they say this is the first time you can ever do it to this level ever!   This is a game changer.

I love the photos of the old iPhone X.
….And this has taken up and other level again.

The sensor on the iPhone Xs and Xs Max – is 2 times faster so you’re gonna be able to get better low-light photography too –  and in particular video.

So think  – Better video and you’re also gonna get greater stereo sound while recording! You’ll get stereo sound and an overall just better with those 4 microphone setups – NIIICE!

The battery life is 30 minutes better than the iPhone 10 on the standard 10s and on the 10s max  — so it’s now one and a half hours better than the iPhone 10 (which we thought was already pretty good anyway).

The LTE modem is now gigabit and it has even more support for roaming worldwide there.

Dual SIM

Now we know this will REALLY excite some people… There is the dual sim technology every phone.  There are lots of reasons people want a “dual SIM”.

For example:    ….some people want to phone numbers on their phone and maybe a home number and a work number for example. eg: Keeping them work and personal separate.

Some want two different plans… depending on the region in the world they’re in and what they need.  eg:   Many of us like to travel and want to keep our local phone number, but may need to get a data plan in the region we’re in — so we can have access to fast data there, etc.  Lots of reasons.

To do this into iPhone Xs and Xs Max have built the technology called dsds or dual sim dual standby.
Hence you can use two mobile plans with your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max.

Via a nano-SIM, and an eSIM.

An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your Network or carrier without having to use a physical nano-SIM.  Learn more about ESims here

Here are a few of the many ways you can use Dual SIM:

  1. Use one number for business and another number for personal calls.
  2. Add a local data plan when you travel outside of the country.
  3. Have separate voice and data plans.
  4. Both of your phone numbers can make and receive voice calls and send and receive SMS and MMS.*
  5. Your iPhone can use one cellular data network at a time.

What this means is that you have both phone numbers there in your phone (waiting to get the call) whichever one gets it becomes the active line —  but the fact that you have two different phone numbers is understood.  You can name them “home” and “work”  or  “primary” and “secondary” or “Local”  and “Overseas”  or whatever and whatever.

You’ll see that a phone is coming in on a certain line you know how to deal with that.

I do a lot of travelling and usually only utilise the Wifi in my Hotel for calling.  So now…. It’s a different world.  How awesome!  We love that they have Dual Sims!

…so in a Nutshell:   Louder, faster,  better screens at the Apple A12 is everywhere. Basically it helps with mostly everything it’s gonna be much faster.

It’s gonna be the most durable, fastest best camera phone ever !

iPhone Xr

OK next up comes… a surprise As today they also are launching the iPhone Xr – and yeah this is it — it actually looks stunning!

It comes in all the new colours – which are gorgeous and the video ad that they showed was perfect for this.

There is a new yellow one, a blue one, a red one and this is a true product to read edition. We definitely do like how they made it look and how they’re going to be selling it!

Now this is a budget iPhone but don’t get that wrong there is a lot that’s been downgraded from the iPhone Xs models

But you’re still getting so so much for your money!

First off this is an LCD the most advanced LCD they’ve ever made they’re calling it “liquid retina” had to work extensively to make it curved and to make everything accurate.

It does get a lot of the cool iPhone Xs features such as the swipe up the interface itself, tap to wake (which kind of surprised us) that’s awesome that they added that.

It does have the same second generation of face ID and it does have the Apple a12 chip — so you’re getting the full potential there.

The camera itself even though it’s a single sensor it’s still very very capable it’s the same single sensor the wide-angle one from the iPhone Xs and you’re still gonna get that portrait lighting and portrait photography mode as well as that advanced “bokeh” depth of field control.

It’s an awesome better value iPhone.

So in summary…

It has most of the features on the iPhone Xs. You are still gonna get it here and it’s mostly all digital software based, but still you’re getting the same Camera depth of field effect etc.

It has awesome battery life and is still it’s better than an hour and a half over the iPhone 8 plus

So you’re getting a lot for your money here.

Here’s a handy easy to use Comparison Chart



Lastly… Prices and Release Dates

  64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB Colours Release Date
iPhone Xs £999 £1,149 £1,349 3 21 Sept
iPhone Xs Max £1,099 £1,249 £1,449 3 21 Sept
iPhone Xr £749 £799 £899 6 26 Oct


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