Don’t kill your iPhone’s battery life with one of these 6 Charging mistakes

Don’t get caught out. Discover the secrets to keeping your iPhone battery fit and healthy forever.

Discover the secrets to keeping your iPhone battery fit and healthy forever

iPhone Battery The iPhone battery’s survival guide:

Don’t kill your iPhone’s battery of these seven charging mistakes. Discover the secrets to keeping your iPhone battery fit and healthy forever

We’ve all been there…. Out and about and then suddenly your iPhone battery dies leaving you abandoned and would no way to call UBER. Arrrgh!

Your iPhone is much like humans, with old phones having a hard time having as much energy as they used to… And a big part of the reason is that this…. We’ve been charging our phones incorrectly for years.

“What are you talking about Mr GB ?  “Charging my phone is easy  peasy ???”… I hear you say

“What could I be possibly doing wrong? “

Quite a lot as it turns out.The way you charge your iPhone has been doing slow but deadly damage to its lithium ion battery.Here’s a list of all of the mistakes you making:

Mistake No 1: Stop charging it to 100%

If you’re one of those who Business owners who starts freaking out as soon as your battery drops below 85%….then I’ve got some bad news. Charging the phone to 100% and trying to maintain a full charge, is definitely not the best way to prolong the life of your iPhone battery. Sorry.

Experts state that you should try to keep your phone somewhere between 30% and 80% full most of the time. This is because that’s where your battery is most comfortable and is working at and where it gives it’s best performance. So stop fully charging your phone overnight and then running it down to 0% and the end of every day. Instead go for shorter frequent bursts of charging to top it up throughout the day.

Mistake number 2:  you’re letting your phone die out.

That expensive Iron Litium battery inside of your iPhone actually becomes quite volatile when it drops to a low Power, so you should definitely try and avoid getting a low battery warning.You might be surprised to discover that every full emptying or full discharge of your battery kills the life of your battery ever so slightly. Having said that Apple’s own Science boffins suggest that you should definitely let it run out of juice at least once every two months to calibrate the batteries charging gauge. Hmmm. OK

Mistake No 3:  You’re cooking your battery

While this might not be a charging issue, leaving your iPhone out the sun is like kryptonite to your lithium ion battery. Have you ever noticed that your iPhone is noticeably sluggish after it’s been sitting out in the sun. This is because iPhone batteries really really hate extreme temperatures. They suffer either temperatures that are too hot or too cold, You’re overheating your battery. Okay, this isn’t specifically a charging issue. But it’s still very important. You’ve probably noticed that your phone is annoyingly sluggish after its been sitting out in the sun right. That’s because your iPhones battery really, really hates extreme temperatures, and have to work extra hard in either high heat or the cold.

Once again according to those apple boffins the ideal temperature for an iPhone (or iPad for that matter) is between 32 and 95 degrees. Whatever you do don’t leave it out on the dashboard of the car!

Mistake number 4:   too much wireless charging

that Mophie backup battery case might seem like a godsend when you gotta make an emergency call… But unfortunately both the battery and the case are overheating during charging in a long time term again this will damage the life expectancy of your battery. Use one of those power packs with the cable rather than one that hugs the iPhone body.

Mistake number five: leaving the case on

If you iPhone fuels hot to the touch when you charging it it’s probably a case… Of your iPhone case. Some cases don’t allow the phone to breathe and trap in battery heat while it charges. If your phone is hot to the touch whenever you charger…. Simply take off the case when charging.

Mistake 6: Cheap Chargers!

This one is a biggie. Don’t be tempted by those cheap Chargers from China. Your Apple issue charger is actually designed to stop the charge once it hits 100%. Those cheap third-party ones aren’t and will keep charging and potentially cause a fire. Which would be like you know…Bad!

Other tips

Got an old iPhone as a backup?

If you been storing an old iPhone in case you drop your new one into the toilet, make sure you store it in least half charged. Apple tells us that if you leave it too long in a discharge state, much like muscle mass if you don’t use it you lose it. And the battery will fall into something that’s known as “deep discharge state,” which will make you less capable of holding charge ever. To make sure you try to leave them half charged on top up occasionally

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