Where Is All My Data Going!?

Data allowance can sometimes slip out of your hands and we sometimes lose track of how much we are using. What can we do?

Do you get half way through the month and wonder where all your data has gone?

It happens to most of us – we use our mobiles for almost everything.

Here we have a few tips for you to track your data allowance, tell you what is using most of your data, and how you can avoid running out in the future.


What Is Using My Data?

If you are not connected to Wi-Fi and have your data switched on, then a number of apps and programmes may be using your data…

Gaming and streaming is the highest contributor of data usage – for example Netflix, Apple Music and BT Sport.

Of course you may still use your data for these apps, but it may be worth having a high data plan if you’re out and about often when using them.



Wi-Fi assist is one of the secret factors that not everybody knows about, but can really drain your data.

When turned on, your data will help your Wi-Fi signal if your connection is slow. Only problem is, it doesn’t tell you when it is using it…

So when you are at home, catching up with the latest series on Netflix, it may be using your data even with Wi-Fi turned on.

To turn this off, on Apple devices – Go to settings – Mobile Data – Scroll all the way down to the bottom and switch off Wi-Fi Assist.

To save more data, Android and iOS users can switch off ‘Background App Refresh’. When turned on, your apps like Facebook and Instagram etc. constantly refresh using little bits of data all the time.


What Can I Do About It?

To keep an eye on your data usage, a helpful tip is to reset your data statistics.

From the moment you reset, you will be able to watch and analyse what apps are using your data.

This will allow you to make any relevant changes to your app usage, and know exactly where your data is going.


We hope that with the hints and tips that we have given you, it will help you to make any necessary changes and allow you to use your data the way you want.

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