Take Your Copywriting to The Next Level

Learn how to hypnotise your readers…

If you run a business, you’ll know that marketing is everything – and for successful marketing to take place, then you need excellent copy!

Not all of us are naturally talented writers – but follow this technique and you could well be on your way.

Todd Brown, founder of the Marketing Funnel Automation, shared with us his incredible copywriting tactics – and we’re gonna sum it all up for you!

First things first…

Todd states that the key to hypnotic copy is the use of ‘dimensionalized benefit statements’ – a simple way of writing in which he claims captivates readers and pulls them in, leaving them animatedly scrolling through your sites and reaching for their wallets.

How do you do it?

Well, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

The first key step when writing is understanding the difference between a product’s features, and its benefits – the feature being about the product, and the benefit being what the feature actually does for the consumer.

I’ll use Todd’s example; a mechanical pencil.

A feature of the product would be the little cushion on the side of it. The functional benefit, however, would be that the cushion protects your hand and makes the pencil easier to hold and use.

Starting to get it?

According to Todd, however, when it comes to writing copy, most marketers stop right there – at the functional benefit of the product, with no idea what they’re missing out on.

By emitting taking it further, they’re failing to create that desired hypnotic effect on their audiences – otherwise known as a ‘dimensionalized benefit‘.

A dimensionalized benefit, in Todd’s words, is a ‘vivid description of what the benefit looks like in your prospect’s life’.

In simpler terms, you’re painting your consumers a pretty picture of how the benefit will completely change their life.

Going back to the example of the mechanical pencil cushion, an example of this would be: “You’re able to stay within your creative zone longer, crafting better prose.

Having provided the potential consumer with a vivid description of how the product will change their life for the better, letting them in on how it will benefit them and what an experience it will be – you’ll have fulfilled their ‘dominant desire’.

As Todd re-enforces, simply telling someone something doesn’t sell, you’ve got to show them, letting the potential customers actually feel what using the product or service will be like – that’s where the hypnotic effect comes in to play…

Because unless they end up buying the product, the customer just won’t be able to feel that same wonderful, fantastic feeling that you’ve allowed them to temporarily feel, and they’re left with a ‘painful disconnect’ – which subconsciously works to influence their decision to purchase the product.

Incredible, right?

Give it a try, put the technique into place and you’re sure to see some amazing results! 

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