Change your Thinking Change your Life

It’s the New Year…. find out how to make those Resolutions stay stuck until 2018

The end result is… we have the thought, we think about it… we procrastinate,  and we never take action. Thus our lives Never Change.
Welcome Ambitious Business Owner!
Can ask you a very Personal question? 

..and please answer honestly

Are you truly happy with your life?

Is it everything you envisioned?
Are you truly living the life of your dreams?

If you’re anything like me, and you answer honestly, the reality is while you might be fairly “Content” there are definitely some things that could be improved. As an example:
You Could lose a few Pounds 
You Could increase your profits 
You Could try to find a Better job
You Could surround yourself with more Inspirational People 

But the big question is…

….if you Could do all these things, why aren’t you?

Here is an easy tip to move yourself from Procrastination to Motivation.
Stop saying “I should” start stating …“I want”
The reality is… to our Subconscious Mind,  when we use phrases like ” I Should do this “
or “I could do that”….we are telling our subconscious mind that we really don’t want these things.
The end result is… we have the thought, we think about it… we procrastinate,  and we never take action. Thus our lives Never Change.

Change your life in a Heartbeat

That’s all about to change. What you must start doing instead is swap could or should
for the statement  “I want” or better yet…. “When can I start?”
This NLP type direct language is empowering and turns our attention towards tackling the task at hand.
Here’s some examples

“I want to lose weight” – is far more empowering to the subconscious than “I should get into better shape”  or “I should go for a run”.


“I want to reduce my businesses costs” is far more empowering than the statement – “I could save money on my companies mobile phones”.

Next Steps:

Envision the Positive change in the all the areas you wish to make in your life, then go look into the mirror, deep into your own eyes and exclaim with all of your might and enthusiasm “I want to do it” rather than a wimpy I could. 

You’ll soon discover yourself taking far more positive action… And it’s as simple as changing a word around in your mind.

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And remember…
Procrastination is a formidable foe; luckily, in the battle against it, taking action is one of your strongest weapons in your armoury for creating the life you want. 
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