6 Tips to Boost Brain Power

How would you like boost your brain power. These six handy tips will turn you into a genius!

Bad with remembering Customers Names?

How would like to or remember everything from your wedding anniversary (vital) :)…  right through to Customers babies/pets names?

Awww – It is a sad fact that most experts now agree our memory capacity is getting shorter and shorter.

This is due to our reliance on Technology. We rely so much on Google for instant answers and spend so much time flitting between instantaneous messages on our smartphones and PCs that our brains and memories are decreasing in their capacity.

While Mobile Technology is great. It seems that we’re no longer hard-wiring our brains to remember stuff.

But never fear…


Six easy steps to Improve your Memory

Here’s what you can do to remember far more effectively.

The general saying is you can build your memory muscle. It’s like the adage….
if you don’t use it you lose it”. Thus by simply exercising your memory muscle more, you can effectively re-hardwire your brain to remember far more. Yaaay!

Write it down, say it aloud

As soon as there is something important that you want to remember, do this…just “write it down”. The very second you write it down on paper, a connection is made and the brain has acknowledged this concept needs to be remembered.
Now, here’s a way you increase the chances of being able to BOOST your ability to retain that memory by more than 50%…

What I want you to do is immediately say it “out loud”.

That’s right…. to simply say the word & write it down increases ability to retain the information by more than 76% so it’s suddenly locked into your memory.

If you want to take it to the next level – Try singing the word. Why? Because this is actually stored in a different part of your brain’s memory and so now you have doubled the ability to recall the Target memory via two access points….which will make it far easier to remember.


Focus & Concentrate

Forget what they say about women being able to multi-task, Tsk,Tsk. It’s been well proven that two things being done at the same time = you only get 50% attention on each.

eg: you do 2 things but only half as well.

The secret here is to concentrate.
Focus 100% on 1 thing, and only do one thing at a time.

If you’re busy multitasking while trying to remember something you can Guarantee your chances of remembering it are dramatically reduced – by at least by 50%.

Sorry ladies.

Use Crazy visuals & pictures

Your brain doesn’t think “in words” as much as it thinks in “Pictures” .

So for something you want to remember, definitely construct a visual image of it. See the thing in your mind. Next, in order to super boost the ability to recall this picture or thing…. now make that picture in your head “a crazy scene”.

The weirder and stranger the picture is in your mind the easier it is to recall. Here is an example:

My vague acquaintances baby’s name is Edward, the chances of me remembering this are quite slim. Sorry!  So if I wanted to remember it… I’d do this

Because the child has a big chubby face and unfortunately looks a bit like a pumpkin (sad but true)
I can paint a Vivid picture of a baby with a Pumpkin head….

…This I then immediately make a connection to the movie “Sleepy Hollow” – about the Headless Horseman, a movie with Johnny Depp…

….which makes me think of Johnny Depp, who was also an Edward Scissorhands.

I know it’s a crazy picture….

But a baby with a pumpkin head makes me think of sleepy Hollow & then Johnny Depp
and Johnny Depp makes me think of Edward Scissorhands.

So I now embellish this Vivid picture/memory by seeing Edward Scissorhands chop off the head of the pumpkin baby.

I know it sounds crazy…. but that’s why I easily remember that the friends baby’s name is Edward. Via the Vivid Memory connection/Picture of a Pumpkin Baby being decapitated by Edward Scissors hands

Baby name = Edward.

Crazy…. but it works!

Try it. The more ludicrous and crazier the picture… the easier it is to Remember!

Brain Training

Train your brain. Work it out Mentally. Improving your memory can be lots of fun. Even doing fun activities like Suduko, or perhaps a Crossword puzzle or Brain Teaser….these are all great ways to keep the old grey matter in tip-top shape.

Any form of a puzzle or mental game, helps you to remain both cognitively and mentally active.

However there is also proven evidence that the act of handwriting your thoughts and ideas, rather than tapping into your phone is Far FAR more effective in rewiring the brain. There is some sort of mind-body/physical connection between writing something down and creating neurological pathways.

So pick up that pen and put down that mobile phone.


Get Smarter Friends

Sorry. You need to dump those dumb friends. No, I’m serious. Stimulating conversation and contributing to interesting debates, gives your brain a total grey matter workout.

Sitting in front of the TV does nothing for your brain, but visiting an art gallery or maybe watching political debates and then discussing it does.

Nothing kills brain cells like boredom. So get out there and start being intellectual.

Find ways to always be actively introducing new concepts, opinions and ideas.


Get out and Get some exercise

Finally, you need to get out and start exercising. Not only is it good for your body it’s also good for your mind too!  You need to get that blood circulation flowing through your body.

Whether it’s walking running or playing football on a Saturday you want to get out there and start nourishing your brain with both oxygen and vitamins.

Our brain needs optimum nutrition and vitamins to function at its best. Stay hydrated and eat lots of almonds (supposedly great brain food).

So start eating well too.
There you go.

To keep that brain in tiptop shape just follow our simple tips, so the next time we meet you hopefully remember my name.

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