The 6 New Tech Devices That You Absolutely Need

Wondering how to improve your business related content creation?

You know what it’s like to be a busy business owner, how time-consuming creating marketing materials can be, how sometimes all you end up with is a quickly shot clip on your iPhone.

What if we could open your eyes to some amazing new products?

Give you something to make your life just that little bit easier?

The annual CES trade show was held in Las Vegas at the beginning of January, and with it came a bunch of great new technological devices – perfect for business-minded content creators!

In a YouTube video series presented by Think Media, viewers are able to get an exclusive introduction to six amazing products, but if you don’t feel like watching, don’t worry – we’ll give you the rundown.


1) The Brand-New Canon Camcorder



As a camcorder, Canon’s newly dropped VIXIA HF G50 may not be the norm in terms of choice for content creating – but the specs certainly do sound appealing to us.

With 4k video at 30 frames a second and five axis image stabilisation as just some of it’s new features, the camcorder is perfect for high quality, and long form content.

Think conferences, workshops, teaching seminars – events that are too long for cameras such as DSLR and mirrorless devices to handle.

Another great feature, and benefit to the lack of depth of field, is that the camera will stay locked on your face. Could it get any better?

Combined with a selfie screen and a lens that never needs swapping, this camera would be great and easy to use for a business owner to shoot videos that provide customers with a great viewing experience!


2) The World’s First Affordable 8K Video Camera


This video gave us a first glimpse at Sharp’s pre-released 8K camera.

To skip all the technical jargon, the camera basically includes a sharply developed sensor and micro four thirds camera lens – producing incredibly high-resolution videos that would suit larger screens such as televisions and presentation screens.

Perfect for business owners that like to share and present their content at the utmost quality!

Small, easy to use, and with a large 5” flip touch screen – the camera is perfect to self-shoot, making it easy to shoot videos such as teaching or product reviews.

Thought it couldn’t get any better? The device includes a full-sized HDMI cable. Live streaming anyone?


3) New All-in-One Smartphone Video Kit


For those business owners who just aren’t there yet with all the high-tech camera equipment, don’t fear – you can still create great, high quality content with Shure’s MV88 phone video kit.

Described as the ‘ultimate’ video kit for your phone, you’d be provided with a mini tripod, a fantastic background audio-cancelling microphone and a free app to help control audio, compatible with both Android and iPhone.

Compact and easy to use, there’s no better set of equipment for a business owner to create content when constantly on the move!

With a mic that offers professional sound solution, whether you’re creating a podcast, conducting customer testimonials, or simply shooting in a busy office, you’ll still end up with focused, top-notch audio.

Who wouldn’t want a piece of this?

4) The Best LED Video Light Kit 2019

We’ve all been there. Trying to create a great piece of video in an office with shoddy lighting, or after your busy day of work in the evening when the suns gone down.

Elgato have just given us a solution with their Key Light LED Light Kit.

Suitable to film from your very own desk, or in a smaller, limited amount of space – the kit is the only great lighting solution item on the market aimed at content creators who may want to film from the office or at home.

Thin, bright, low heat, set up with desk clamps, and an app to control the lights so you don’t have to fiddle around – this light could be the perfect solution to any business owner’s problems.

5) The Ultimate XL Power Bank for Travel

Sometimes, running a business means being on the road a lot – and this can cause issues in terms of keeping up with all of your content and work, especially when you don’t have access to a plug and your phone, camera, and laptop are constantly in use.

That’s where the Ecoflow River Power Station comes in.

Outputting an enormous 500 watts of power, you could recharge multiple devices for hours on end.

You can even charge the mobile power station in your car, on the move, and use it to recharge your phone over 100 times. Doesn’t that sound great?

With a clear screen on the device, it’s easy to see how much power you have left in the power station – and one thing is for sure.

You need to charge your camera, your phone, and your laptop all at once, without having to be near any plug?

This is the device for you!

6) Ultimate Travel Laptop for Content Creators

What’s better for a busy business owner than a competitive, ultraportable, high powered, 14” screened notebook – for half the price of a MacBook?

The Huawei Matebook X Pro is perfect for both creating content, working, and tackling HD video editing.

With a super light build, the notebook is even ideal for when working on the road or taking it between meeting to meeting.

Sound like you?

With at least 12 hours of battery when on maximum usage and an incredible built-in sound experience, this notebook is ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to invest in a quality product.

What are your thoughts? Will you be investing in any of these brand new high-tech devices?


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