6 LinkedIn Tips & Tricks

For B2B marketing LinkedIN can not be beaten when it comes to Marketing your Services. Here are our Top 6 tips to getting yourself more Customers via LinkedIN!

If you want more customers you need to be on LinkedIN.  As of May 2017 there were over 467 million Businesses registered on the Worlds largest online Business Networking site – LinkedIN …and it just keeps growing and growing.

Note:  As at May 2017, there is currently

  1. 467 million – Total number of LinkedIn users.
  2. 106 million – Total number of monthly active LinkedIn users.
  3. 1.5 Million – The total number of LinkedIn Groups.

Wowzer!  …Now that’s a lot of Business to be had – correct?

If you’re a UK Business, self-employed  or a busy Consultant thats is currently targeting Businesses and Business Owners, it certainly makes sense to get online and start marketing yourself on LinkedIn!

So whether it’s from showcasing your expertise with Slideshare and videos – right down to hunting down your ideal clients, with awesome Targeting and Inmail, the following is our Top 6 Hints & Tips for maximising your LinkedIn Networking activites.


Top 6 LinkedIn Hints & Tips

The following are a Top 6 Success Tips for LinkedIN

1. Keep it simple and to the point

First things first, on the overview of your profile you should state what your company does and what makes you unique from everyone else. This will be the first thing a potential customer or contact will notice so it’s good to get them on side from the first stage.


2. Sharing content

LinkedIn is more than just a platform to connect with people, it is also a great way to share content that your followers may find interesting or useful. Bombarding your customers will constant sales won’t do your company any good and in fact, you may lose connections rather than gain some.

Whereas on the other hand, helping your customers in other areas could benefit your sales in the long term.


3. Groups

Joining groups is also another technique that can boost the awareness of your company. Don’t just join any group though, be tactical and join groups that your target market may also be a part of. From there you can continue with the previous point and share some great content.


4. What you do

In the products section of your profile, you should show exactly what you can offer your potential customers. 2/3 interactive links and graphics should do the job perfectly and make the customer want to know more. Additionally, making your products shareable is another way to boost the awareness of your company and products, this could be done by commenting on your posts or products, or sharing them.


5. Q & A

LinkedIn is a great platform to interact with your customers, and one of those reasons is the ability to comment on a post.

If a potential customer comments on one of your posts, answering their questions or overcoming issues is a great way to kick start a potential relationship.

On the other hand, not replying to comments or questions might not help your cause and therefore leave unresolved issues.


6. Usage of Keywords

Lastly, is the use of keywords and search results. The more words you use the more likely you are to rank higher in the search results. This could open up many doors and increase your exposure to your target market, eventually increasing sales and profits.


Follow these 6 tips and tricks to boosting your profile on LinkedIn.
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